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benji232 said:
Dulfite said:
I don't think my preferred choice is on the poll. I want them to create a new handheld, but with the same library and gaming capabilities of the regular Switch. I don't want it to be weaker or stronger than the Switch, causing the studios to be split up again making games for either or the other. I want the studios to stay unified making games for the same platform, but I do want Nintendo to make a cheaper, smaller, better battery, and portable only option for the Switch (though I'm not sure the name would make sense then).

Then where are all the games lol? Where is our unified library? In 2018, we got ……………………… A Kirby platformer and Mario tennis. Sick Unified library Nintendo... Nah, I'd prefer get 2 platforms since were obviously netting way less games then before.

So we're gonna purposefully forget about what's coming in the near future with SMP, Pokémon Let's Go and Smash Ultimate and the line up we got so far for 2019 just for your own egostistic self-entitled view on game developpement ?

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