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Attiq said: 

I whole heartedly agree that what I posted is worship songs. I did that to show what most Christian Singers will come forth with to begin with.

And I whole heartedly agree that there is much much more out there in terms of music. Red is awesome, Skillet is awesome, Demon Hunter is fantastic too. And I agree some Christian Singers in some of their songs don't directly reference but hint at God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. But not one of them will state that God should come to meet them at the altar. Rather they would state more correctly that they would come to His altar. He always says come meet me so we can talk. I'm not word for word perfect on the Bible but I cant remember a line in there that says tell me (God) to come to you (us) I could be wrong tho.

The song is more about what She wants Him to do for her (if the song is truely her singing to Him). Don't know about many other people here but I have always found God has always shown me what he wants to do for me, not what I want Him to do for me. I've yet to get a million dollars, but I'm housed, clothed, fed, watered and safe.


As an aside..... Thank you for the Start Over song by Flame.... Never heard of that band before very good I like it.

It seems like you're interpreting it as her ordering God to meet her at the altar. I don't think that's the case, rather she asks him to meet her at the altar, meaning that she will go to the altar and she hopes that he will be there. The fact that she says she will fall down to her knees at the altar definitely suggests that she is asking for God's help.

As far as I know, the song is about her nearly dying because of Lyme Disease, and is basically the thoughts that went through her head when she thought that she was going to die. So she was praying to God, asking her to hold her head above water, asking him to let her live. The lines about her meeting him at the altar and falling to her knees suggest that the ordeal helped her to find Jesus. Rather or not she will serve God by continuing to make Christian music I don't don't know, only her and God know that, but I hope that she will. 

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