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Bofferbrauer2 said:
MasonADC said:
Can we talk about how fast Smash Ultimate is gaining preorders? That game will be so huge. I wasn't expecting Shenmue 1+2 too do so well, so that's nice.

Yeah, preorders are really something else for Smash. Not only do the preorders of the game itself do pretty well, the Smash bundle is also doing extremely well.

I feel Super Mario Party preorders are pretty underestimated here, it's doing very well for months now already and steadily accelerating. Pokémon are also slowly cutting the slack and picking up the pace

I'd be surprised if Nintendo didn't annnounced the game as their most pre-ordered game in history thus far. (Unless Pokémon still has that title)


Anywoo, few milestones to be reached soon, Kirby will manage 1,5M next week in physical only, Top 10 has 5 Nintendo First Party games as usual. Now, next week will be interesting with MHG Ultimate going out !

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