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shanbcn said:

Vgcharts estimate retail with good educated guess based on so many official charts we get apart from hard numbers. Same can be done with digital sales. Right now sales of games don't make any sense and in future digital is only going to become more common. I have stopped looking at Vgcharts because of this reason. Its time to estimate digital sales to get near to actual unit sold. Vgcharts was never about being 100% correct but right now its not even 50% correct.

Nah, like I said VGC gets some retail data and they use that to base their estimates on. Charts are used as well, but charts alone give you absolutely nothing but the order things sold in. If you're basing the sales on charts alone you'd just be pulling figures out of your ass. Much better to have estimates within an acceptable margin of error for physical sales, than just to have purely made up completely inaccurate digital sales added on to them. Besides, aren't digital charts usually just top 10s or something? So even if you had sales figures for one of the games on the chart (to use as a relative base for the others) it would still be completely useless for any game not in the top 10 that week.