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John2290 said:

I don't feel like I'm being censored, I'm just pointing out how silly it is to not post honestly in ones own thread.

As or the wall post. Yeah, I imagined so from the last message in the thread, what's your point?

I was refering to the elaborate post in which you set up Permalite after your ban, It was impressive indeed but criticising me for posting my opinion in my own thread is worthy of being labeled immature by you after pulling that? I see what your saying but it's not true. At least not in this case. 

I just come here to post, man, reply to topics I see on here and on the internet. I don't want in on the drama and the discord/s and all that or how everyone is apparently racist, sexist or whatever ism with some agenda as if people don't have free will and change on a daily to weekly to monthly basis. 

You still don't understand the point about honesty in this thread. What I, morenoingrato and AngryLittleAlchemist tried to convey to you is that we and many others know what you think about certain topics, so there's no point in you trying to cover up your intentions. Indeed, it is silly to not post honestly in one's own thread, and that's what we are telling you.

Now for the other point. Earlier this week I asked Signalstar to help me to help you and together we got your ban length reduced from seven days to only one; I had asked for a fully overturned moderation, but unfortunately that wasn't meant to be. It's understandable that you act hostile towards me right now, but the more important thought on your mind should be why I helped you at all.

You haven't done yourself any favor in this community with threads such as "Students can choose their own race in Delaware" and "Belgian man gets convicted and heavily fined for sexism", because the misrepresentation of such topics was severe. Such behavior puts you on the far right side of the political spectrum; both of the aforementioned examples make you someone who is desperate to fight against political correctness. Desperate, because you seemingly don't care one bit for a truthful and accurate representation.

However, I have observed two crucial things about you. For one, you possess the ability to be considerate and understanding without being faced by a threat, meaning you don't need to have a moderator sit in your neck. And two, you can take a joke. That means you aren't a lost cause that should be chased off this site. If you were a lost cause, I would have let the wrongful moderation that stacked towards your ban record stand as called and eventually time would have probably made you be gone for good.

You don't need to thank me for anything here. All I want from you is that you think about why you are coming to these forums and if the people here mean anything to you; I especially want you to think about your attitude towards political topics and I want you to question if the answers you found for yourself so far are really the only correct answers. Political subjects are usually complex and do not have only one correct answer, so if you were more open to listen to other points of view, you might begin to view the world around you in a different light and grow as a person, and that would amplify the trait of being considerate and understanding in both discussions and when creating threads.

The choice is yours.

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