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Pyro as Bill said:
RolStoppable said:

Is Brexit a good or a bad thing?


if we abolish tariffs/quotas/regulations and replace eu protectionism with productive/efficient trade with non-eu countries then prices will fall and we will all (the whole world) get richer/benefit.

i know euros believe that 'taxation = civilisation' but the country (and it's colonies) that created and saved the modern world think differently. I get why people think such things, to them it seems intuitive however in the civilised world we understand that free trade (two parties freely exchanging their time/labour) without government interference benefits everyone. (it's taxation that pays for genocide, the roads/civilisation can take care of themselves)

Maybe if Euros paid more attention to heroes like Robin Hood and Jesus Christ, they'd understand that taxation is theft and money changers should be whipped.

Makes sense.

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