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Miyamotoo said:
CGI-Quality said:

Doesn't change anything. Those who did play them don't all agree with what you're saying. Not really something you can argue.

Who said that change something and who said that all that played them all agree with me? You are one that trying to argue here.

"From what I read most people here didnt play them at all or played them much later after they were released".

"I think that most people that didnt played first 3 games when they are out, are choosing some other series, so most people don't realise that TR1/TR2/TR3 were one of best games of its generations, and we talking about generation with plenty of greats games."

That is your argument (as long as you continue to reply, you're involved in an argument). Your initial implication was that people who haven't played the earlier games can't know why they're 'better'. I'm saying many of us have played those games and still prefer what we're calling the second series. Besides, even if people haven't played the originals, there's no rule that says they are better. Outside of the nostalgic element, they're many steps behind some of the newer games in regards to gameplay. I'm simply saying that people can't be proven wrong either way (hence the no argument bit). In my eyes, the second series has the best balance of the bunch. 

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 12 September 2018