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John2290 said:
Ka-pi96 said:
They should do it on a game by game basis (like Star Wars should have been done) rather than stick with a specific dev, publisher or platform. That gives more variety and more chances for something good rather than potentially being stuck in a deal with a publisher who's screwing the franchise up (*cough* Star Wars & EA *cough*).

Also, they should totally make a deal with Koei-Tecmo for an X-Men Warriors game.

Welcome back btw. How was the hangover? Lol. 

That's pretty much what they're doing now and one game could fuck up the good will, there is no quality branding in that and it's why games like Iron man or or the countless spidermans before don't do as well as this Spiderman. Having Insomniac and Sony team up is pretty much the only reason this game is the power house it is. If it were made by Koi tecmo even as a carbon copy inch by inch, it wouldn't have sold anymore than the amazing spiderman games. This is the problem I'm bringing up.

Until I wake up with a tiger in my bathroom, all hangovers will be disappointing

I really don't think one game would fuck anything up. Especially not for different characters, eg. a shitty Thor game or something shouldn't affect the next Spider Man game at all. They don't need to build a Marvel brand in gaming, they've already built the brand and now just need the games to go with it.

I also think you're putting too much stock into the Insomniac/Sony names. The game is succesful because Insomniac did a good job making it, it was marketed well and people like Spider Man. People are still going to like Spider Man regardless of who makes the game and any other dev/publisher could do a good job developing/marketing the game as well.