Depends on what your definition of feminism is. I'm a feminist but not the type of feminism you describe, I'm for equality dor women, not an all girls club that gets special benifets over men.

Also, The games you listed are not feminist by your definition of the word or even mine. They have a targeted demographic and most of the games you listed may include feminists but not solely, the majority of that list appeals to all demographics of gamers. Life is strange is targeted at teen girls for examle, they don't have to be feminist. You understand this yourself in your second paragraph. Gone home... maybe but one doesn't have to be feminist to to enjoy a story about gays or a walking simulator.

I can't think of any game that is solely targeted at feminists of any kind or a game only feminists enjoy. There's no need to devide things like that, gaming is for everyone and the most hardcore woman hating, anti feminist Incel who is a neo nazi and is in a biker gang might enjoy say, life is strange or The last of us Left behind. Lets not be exclusionary, there's no need and the market, or world for that matter doesn't work in black and whites.

Also, Horizon zero dawn is anout the farthest game one can come from being political in this way or appealing to one target audience. It's a game about a women in the future fighting robot dinosaurs based in legit science fiction, it lends no hint at catering to anyone's tribal nature or political, social beliefs. That is your own take away from playing it and as with good art, everyone takes something different, and with good art it's never forced.


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