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Hiku said:
Mar1217 said:
I'll check it out soon. It's either Mother 3 or this demo for tonight, I guess.

Are you going to play a fan translation, or was it announced that it's getting an official translation soon?

Nautilus said:
Thats awesome news!

The only shame is that with this news, and more to come for certain, the direct will be less exciting, whenever it airs.

Since this was available one day earlier on the Switch, it looked like it was supposed to be one of the standout details of the direct.
But it was good of Nintendo to delay it because many people in Kansai can't watch their Direct until they get power back.

Fan translation. I'm actually already on Chapter 4.

This game is the biggest emotional rollercoaster I've ever had for a game since the Zero Escape Trilogy. Wouldn't be surprised if I were to cry before even reaching the end of the game.

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