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Barkley said:
You're taking the train to work, like you do everyday, but somethings different. You don't know what has changed but you feel unsettled, like an unholy aura is permeating the carriage.

You sit down, take out your phone, insert your earphones and then listen to your favourite podcast, as you always do on your commute, and stare at the back of the seat in front of you.

You notice a man approach out of the corner of your eye, and with seemingly godlike power bend the very nature of your reality and morph the chair in front of you. There he sits, directly opposite you. Staring right at you, without end. "Ah great they put those reversible chairs in here" you finally realise as your brain rushes to catch up despite lacking it's usual morning caffeine fix. He's still staring... It's going to be a very uncomfortable commute.

I never thought it would be that bad. XD