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As it should. Although VC4 probably doesn't require any prior knowledge from VC1, it was a good game that everyone should have access to playing.

COKTOE said: 
John2290 said: 
After playing the start of both 2 and 3 on the OG PSP a few months back (decent games but the PSP really holds them back massively) and revolution on the vita (absolutely terrible game), this one is only stellar game of what's released in the series so far, havn't played that one other one though. Hoping 4 can return to and evolve naturally on the original 3, I'm holding out hope they'll just wipe everything in between and focus on creating a true sequel to the first so we can forget about everything in between. Good to see this on the switch though, it's one of those perfect titles for the system.

VC4 takes place during the events of VC1. It's a true current gen vision of the original game. S' gonna be great. :) I hope. I ordered the $130 deluxe edition.

Not sure what you mean when you say 'current gen'? Valkyria Chronicles 4 (based on the Demo) seems to use the exact same engine as the original PS3 game.
Which I'm fine with. It was a beautiful game then with its cell shaded water color-esque look, and it still is today.