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mZuzek's Heptagon reviews

2018/02/16 -  Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
2018/02/20 -  Thumper
2018/07/16 -  Hollow Knight
2018/08/25 -  Ōkami
2019/01/31 -  Pokémon Black Version / White Version
2019/02/14 -  Pokémon Black Version 2 / White Version 2
2019/02/24 -  Pokémon X / Y
2019/03/10 -  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2019/11/15 -  Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
2020/09/22 -  Ori and the Will of the Wisps
2020/09/25 -  Ori and the Blind Forest
2021/04/12 -  Persona 4 Golden

Why the heptagon?  Well, I don't really know. I just like the number 7 and the shape it creates in a polygon, and I also don't really like the 1-10 scoring system as it's just too wide in my opinion, especially in gaming when it seems like the entirety of the 1-6 range is dedicated to bad and mediocre games - I mean, why even differentiate between a "4/10" and a "5/10" if they're both mediocre? I'd rather just lump them all together and focus on the difference between quality and, well, more quality. That's the reason, I guess. In this system, everything from 4 upwards (more than half the scale) classifies as a good game, and even games with 3's can still be a little enjoyable. However, I have created a fraction system within the 0-7 scale because sometimes there was a clear gap between two games within the same score but I couldn't justify moving either game to a different category, so all numbers can come in three forms: X, X' and X+, in order from worse to better - 7 being the exception, as it's the maximum score already. When converting to the 1-10 scale, I didn't use basic maths as the whole idea of this format was to convey different meanings with the scores. Instead, there's a more arbitrary conversion rate that goes like this:

0 converts to 1.0
0' converts to 1.5
0+ converts to 2.0
1 converts to 2.5
1' converts to 3.0
1+ converts to 3.5
2 converts to 4.0
2' converts to 4.5
2+ converts to 5.0
3 converts to 5.5
3' converts to 6.0
3+ converts to 6.5
4 converts to 7.0
4' converts to 7.3
4+ converts to 7.7
5 converts to 8.0
5' converts to 8.3
5+ converts to 8.7
6 converts to 9.0
6' converts to 9.3
6+ converts to 9.7
7 converts to 10.0

So, as you can see, more room dedicated to higher-end scores (which are ultimately most of what I'll be talking about, since I'd rather talk about things I like than things I don't, which is why I'm using this scoring system in the first place ).

Edit: Point above becoming quite obvious as I'm only ever writing reviews on games I love makes it seem I just rate everything super high, believe me, there are games I'd rate a lot lower, I just don't wanna write at length about them!

Last edited by mZuzek - on 02 June 2021

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