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DonFerrari said:
SpokenTruth said:
Nice thread. And yes, the Wii and DS software sales were just extreme aberrations in the industry. I think some people may say that many 3rd party games are over 10 million if you combine the platforms their games release on....but maybe that's best for a different thread.

I'm also trying to understand your lower section. Are those supposed to be how many franchises each company has were a game reached 10 million? I ask because Nintendo would have a few more than 7 (Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Brain Training, Smash Bros, Wii Fit) ~12. 13 if we separate 2D and 3D Mario.

PS2 always seems weird for software sales. The hardware numbers suggest it should have had a lot more 10 million sellers but it didn't. I've often wondered if that's a consequence of having too many games. Obviously any console maker would love to have that problem.

I tried to combine the numbers whenever I could see they on the list, but VGC listing may not be the best all the time.

My lower section is how many franchises currently have a shot of crossing 10M (thus why I put GT as a doubt, AC and SMB also not secured 10M yet) since I don't think Wii Sports, Duck Hunt and Nintendogs will cross 10M again.

Yes PS2 is something that have plenty 1M seller and some strong niche games, but not many 10M+.

Sorry, I'm referring to the middle section.

Animal Crossing, Brain Training, Smash Brothers, Pokemon, Wii Fit have already passed 10 million by a single game.

Also, are they making another Horizon Zero Dawn game?  You have it listed as a franchise that might have a 10 million seller this generation and the first game still has 5 million to go (well, not really but by VGC numbers at least).

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