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I'm sure new cards will be great, but way overpriced. Nvidia being the absolute leader in PC gaming has operating margin as high as 63% !

Now that's the reason new generation is always more expensive for the same model than a previous one!

PNY leak shows RTX 2080 Ti will cost around 1000$ and RTX 2080 around 800$ which is 200$ more expensive than GTX 1080 was on release.

Also why did they change the GTX brand they were working with for over a decade for an RTX? Wtf... ?

I'm a primarily PC gamer but it kind of sucks the best games in terms of graphics are on consoles this year (Shadow of The Colossus, God of War, Detroit, Spiderman all exclusively on PS4) and RDR 2 on PS4 and Xbox. Shadow of the Tomb Raider doesn't look graphically as good Uncharted 4 or Uncharted Lost Legacy, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey looks great, but so did Origins last year. 

Anyway, no doubt enthusiats with a lot of money will buy these new expensive RTX cards to play these 2  games in 4K max details or so, but I'm not excited for them for this money...

But I always watch Nvidia GTX (RTX...) conferences LIVE anyway, so bring it on in 4 hours.

Last edited by Radek - on 20 August 2018