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KLXVER said:
CaptainExplosion said:

I don't know what GotG means.


Game of the Generation I think.

Oh. Yeah, me too I think. :)

Wyrdness said:
CaptainExplosion said:

I'm not kidding!!

I just checked the charts here and it said that Breath of The Wild was at 7.63 million units, while Ocarina of Time was right below at 7.60 million units!!

A new best-selling Zelda game has been crowned!! :D

It's been the best selling for a while now tbh, Nintendo's last quarter report had the Switch version at 9.6m, when you factor in we know the Wii U version has sold 1.5m at least from numbers in Japan it's on it's way to 12m total.

Even better!! :D