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That's a pretty interesting story. Especially the part about going behind his original boss' back to get approval from his new boss. A bit surprised that happened in a Japanese company, but in the end it worked out for the best.

Anyay, I hope Yakuza goes multi platform. It's a great series that deserves to get more fans worldwide.

PwerlvlAmy said: 
HollyGamer said: 

It's different, Sony never asking Bayoneta 2 or their sequel Bayoneta 3 to come to Playstation 4 and never officially publish Yakuza games under SCIE . In the other hand Nintendo publish Bayonetta under their name and now asking Yakuza to be release on Switch. Don't compare bayoneta with Yakuza 

Sony and others were approached in order to seek their interest level in the Bayoentta franchise. Sony and others had no interest in funding or helping another entry get made. In swoops Nintendo to save the day and  save the Bayonetta franchise. Sounds pretty similar to me.  Nintendo and Microsoft had no interest in Yakuza and then ended up finding a partner in Sony and gave the franchise a chance/saved that too.  So yes in my opinion I think they're very similar situations with both having great outcomes for both franchises.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft were mentioned by Kamiya. He simply said they made the proposition to "various publishers." Then he said that after not yet finding a suitable partner company, Nintendo "came in" and lent a hand. This suggests that they may not even have contacted Nintendo before that. And that Nintendo came to them presumably after hearing about it.
There are good reasons for why Kamiya would avoid going to the console makers themselves for a deal, and only do it as a last resort. Because doing so usually means your game will be restricted to one platform. Ideally you'll want to release the game on as many viable platforms as possible, so if it could be done with the help of a third party publisher, you'd start with them.
Or, if they did contact Nintendo themselves, it could mean that Nintendo took time to consider the proposition, and then decided to do it. But made the decision before anyone else. That doesn't rule out that other companies were still considering the proposition, but didn't act on it before Nintendo did, etc.

It's possible that Kamiya talked with Sony and MS, but it's also possible that they didn't get to that point yet, or that if they did, Nintendo made a decision quicker.
Since those possibilities can't be ruled out, I wouldn't say that they contacted Sony and MS as if it were a fact, unless Kamiya specifies them and what conclusion they reached, like the Yakuza producer did here.

SKMBlake said: 
taus90 said: 

How is it exactly same story, Considering close proximity of Platinum games with Nintendo I doubt they would have gone to sony or MS first for B2

Well they actually did it. And they refused.

And of course Platinium went to Sony and Microsoft first for Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta was made for the X360 and was ported to the PS3.

@SKMBlake Read my comment above.
I think it's important that we distinguish assumptions from fact. Especially when people commonly don't consider different scenarios.

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