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shikamaru317 said:

RDR2. There is nothing wrong with Smash, I played Smash 1 and 2 and enjoyed them (skipped 3 and 4 since I didn't own Wii or Wii U), but in the end it's nothing all that special. You can only get but so much enjoyment out of beating up people and sending them flying off the stage before it starts to feel kind of samey. It's a fun game to play for an hour or two to kill some time, or to play when you have friends over, but that's about it. A game like RDR2 with a most likely top-class story and lots of gameplay variety just offers so much more than a game like Smash does imo, if it's anything like RDR1 I'll be able to play it for marathon 8 hour spells at a time and not get bored. 

Also, this post gave me c... no I won't say it because of that thread the other day. But it made me quite disappointed.