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Azuren said:
Sephiroth, but he would require his own moveset

Akuma, easy Echo Fighter for Ryu (alongside Ken)

Eggplant Wizard, but would require his own moveset

Giovanni, but would require his own moveset (could switch between Persian, Nidoqueen, and Nidoking like Pokemon Trainer)

Bass, could be an Echo Fighter for Mega Man

His Final Smash would have to be his own though. Maybe turning into Super Bass (from Mega Man7 and 8) and firing all his Robot Master weapons at once. After all, Bass does love overkill.

tbone51 said:

Hero vs Villian

Mario/Luigi/Peach/Dr Mario/Rosalina/Daisy/Yoshi vs Bowser/Koopalings (all each)/Wario/***King Boo

DK/Diddy/Dixie vs King K rool

Kirby/Bandana Dee vs Kind DDD/Metaknight

Fox/Falco vs Wolf

Samus/ZSS vs Ridley/Dark Samus

Simon/Richter vs ***Dracula/etc

Pit/Palutena vs Dark Pit/Medusa/***Hades

Sonic vs Shadow/***Dr Eggman

Pikachu/PM Trainer/Pichu/Lucario/Greninja/Jiggs vs Mewtwo/***Army of Pokemon (Rayquaza, Ditto, etc)

Ryu vs ***Akuma


Cloud/Geno vs ***Sephiroth


All Fire Emblem vs ???

Mewtwo's not a villain, he's more of a difficult challenger to other Pokemon.