HollyGamer said:
That's why i don't want they go in rush mode to release PS5. Just make it more powerful , prepare more new ip for PS5 and let the PS4 sells a lot.

They arent going into rush mode and...

lightningfunk said:

if they do that then they will lose next gen


and PS4 sales as it is will slow down in 1-2 years that it will  never make more than 120-130m


they arent going to lose next gen if they do. 

They PS4 will just become cheaper and act as the entry level model into the ecosystem. PS5 will have BC with PS4, and Sony's AAA budget games will move to PS5 while the AA budget and digital titles remain come to PS4 for a year or 2 (alongside MLB). 

PS4 dropping in price will allow it to continue selling for a good few years (something the PS3 couldnt do because it was just too difficult to drop the price, ad because PS4 was doing so well that it was better just to phase the PS3 out) to lower income brackets and 2nd console buyers.