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Xxain said:
Bandorr said:
An amazing game. I did everything but a couple of the mini games at the end. Although I didn't find it hard at all. Then again I cheaped out and went turn based.

You get the choice between turn and action. Turn based makes the game really easy. You don't have to rush to do anything. You just take your time, inspect them, use the right elements etc.

Collected them all, did all the quests etc. Easily my game of the year for the year it released. The references to the Final Fantasy series were great. Poor gilgamesh.

That would explain it. I'm playing on active, so the enemies get a few free shots in while I'm scurrying through the menu. Ball is always in their court on active. I am having sooooo much more fun with this than I thought I was going to.

Yeah that is definitely what made it harder for you.  Between analyzing the enemies. Deciding which abilities you wanted, and even scrolling the menu you were getting wrecked.

I couldn't even imagine wanting to try it in action mode. Too many options + action mode = disaster.  It is basically why you have to use auto-battle in FF13. And why FF15 allowed shortcutting abilities.

Do the coliseum yet? I really enjoyed those fights.

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