LuccaCardoso1 said:
pokoko said:

I never said anything even close to not talk about it.  I said nothing like that at all.  

CaptainExplosion said that talking about mental health issues for a few weeks when a disaster happens and then forgetting about it is disgusting. You said he wasn't doing anything to help. I said that even talking about it is already helping a bit. Got it? I'm not saying that you said anything close to "don't talk about it".

pokoko said:

I also didn't say anything about "people have depression because they don't want to see the good in the world."  Not even close.

Well, it sure sounded like you did. 

"The best thing you can do is try to convince them to see things differently". You're implying that people with depression have to be "convinced" to see thing differently, as if they weren't already trying. People with depression don't see the world as a bad place, it just factually is a bad place. That's why depression is called a "mental disorder", because chemicals in the person's brain are all messed up. Trying to convince the person to see things differently might make the person want to fake not having the issue in front of you, but it will never really fix it.

Then what else can we do to save them? Isn't there a way to alleviate someone's depression and make sure it never comes back?