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LipeJJ said:

You guys genuinely scare me. I've seen many saying they didn't buy clothes at all in the past years... that's worrisome. As the years go by, I feel like we're living in a post apocalyptic fashion world where people dress as beggars, only with leftovers, lack of coherence, mismatching colors, etc.

I wonder why this is happening. In the past people were self aware and cared about looking good and had basic fashion knowledge, but not today

Ya know, people can, and do, think different things look good to the things you like. There's no need to insult them and say they dress like "beggars" because of that.

Besides, I'm very much of the opinion that comfort > everything when it comes to clothes. I couldn't really give a shit what people think I look like, if my clothes are comfortable then I'm going to continue wearing them.

Oh and if we're talking about the past when people wore idiotic things like corsets just to look "good" then I think it's definitely a good thing those days are long gone!

Last edited by Ka-pi96 - on 24 July 2018