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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Maybe not, but you come off as one because you're so blunt about it.

Self awareness is not one of your strong suits, huh? 

HylianSwordsman said:

I think he's mad because he wanted to have a fun discussion with people who found the video interesting, and you went a little beyond showing disinterest and said it in a way that felt like you were just taking a dump on everyone's fun.

Probably, that's not really an excuse though. Others seem to agree as well. I assumed the OP wouldn't care since this site isn't really an echo chamber, it allows for a lot of opinions and such. It's obvious I meant no offense, and he shouldn't have taken issue with the comment anyways. 

I really didn't like your tone though.

Enough about this though.

I lean more towards the idea of Inkling and Octoling breasts being for stronger ink shooting. It's like how female spiders are more venomous than males (right?).