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I'd start to temper your expectations if I were you. Launches in the HD era are always thin on the ground.

As far as the launches themselves go, here's what we got for the PS3 and PS4:

12 retail game launch.
- 1x medium-to-large exclusive new IP (Resistance).
- 3x minor Japanese games (Ridge Racer, Genji, Gundam).
- 4x annual sports titles (your NBAs, NHLs, and the like).
- 2x annualised non-sports titles (Call of Duty, Marvel game (substitute for LEGO nowadays).
- 2x minor western third party releases.

15 retail game launch.
- 1x medium-to-large exclusive (Killzone).
- 1x minor exclusive new IP (Knack).
- 4x annualised sports titles, cross-gen releases (NBA, Madden, FIFA).
- 7x annualised medium-to-large franchises, cross-gen (CoD, Battlefield 4, AC, etc.).
- 2x additional ports (Injustice, Angry Birds ^^).
- ~10 digital titles.

So as far as retail releases at launch, we're looking at:
- Roughly a dozen retail titles.
- One medium-to-big exclusive at launch (with another one or two to follow in the first year).
- Possibly one smaller exclusive new IP at launch too.
- All of the major annual sports franchises, cross-gen ( FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, etc.).
- All of the major annual non-sports franchises, cross-gen (CoD, LEGO, Battlefield/Battlefront (whichever is due that year), Assassin's Creed, etc.)
- On top of that, probably a small number of third party ports from the current gen with token improvements that claim to 'take advantage of the new features and increased power of the new console'.
- A brand new but content-light third party launch title if we're lucky.
- Plus however many digital-only smaller titles are ready for launch.

Last edited by Machina - on 18 July 2018