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piopakk said:

What do you think should or will be the next Playstation launch lineup.

Based on several years of development time for triple A titles i suspect these titles will be launch games for the PS5 or at least coming out within a year after the release of PS5.


  • Horizon zero dawn 2 likely launch title
  • God of war 2 likely in the first year
  • The Last of Us 2 (Cross gen) likely late port on PS5 after the initial release on PS4 earlier in 2020
  • Cyberpunk 2077 likely as late ports on PS5/XB4 after the initial PS4/XB1 release
  • Elder Scrolls 6 not likely, Starfield will be a next-gen launch title most likely and I doubt we'll see Elder Scroll 6 until 2 Holidays after Starfield, not 1 Holiday after
  • Starfield likely launch title
  • Next gen Gran Turismo possible, but as slow as they are I wouldn't count on seeing it in the first year


My responses to your list bolded

In addition, I think we'll see: the following in the first year assuming release is Holiday 2020:


  • A new Uncharted from a new Sony studio (might be 2022 though)
  • Square's Avengers game as a cross-gen title in 2020
  • A cross gen Assassin's Creed game the first Holiday and the first next gen only AC game the 2nd Holiday
  • The 3rd Shadow of Mordor game from Monolith
  • The AAA game that Avalanche has been hiring for for over a year (rumored to be Harry Potter based on UK knowledge being a prerequisite and the fact that Avalanche is owned by WB who has the Harry Potter license)
  • One of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake episodes
  • The AAA Star Wars open world game EA has been making for awhile now
  • Star Wars Battlefront 3 from DICE (it's rumored that the 3rd won't release on a bi-yearly schedule like the first 2 did, which means release Holiday 2020 instead of Holiday 2019 most likely)
  • Something from Rockstar, rather it's Bully 2 or GTA 6 is anyone's guess at this point. I've heard rumors that GTA 6 is aiming for 2022 as of now, so maybe we'll get Bully 2 as a cross-gen title in 2020, I can't imagine that Rockstar will only release 1 game (RDR2) and 2 remasters (GTA V and LA Noire) in a 9 year period
  • Obviously yearly stuff like CoD and sports games, which will be crossgen most likely


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