Ka-pi96 said:
I don't get why people would go into a store to pre-order a game (or buy one that's already released for that matter). But it makes complete sense to pre-order online. You don't get charged until they ship the game, they usually have some kind of day 1 delivery promise which if you get from a good retailer means they ship early to guarantee you'll get it day 1, but you'll usually end up getting it a day early or something, and best of all once you've pre-ordered it you don't have to even remember when it releases, it will just show up in your letter box one day and you'll be like "yay, new game ".

Exactly this!

I've literally never understood people that go into game shops and preorder a game in person... surely the point of preordering is convenience? What could possibly be more convenient than doing it on your phone browser while you're still in bed, or at your computer or whatever. Same goes for buying games too... besides, game shops are ridiculously overpriced and are really only worth going in for games if you buy preowned, which is something I never do anyway, lol. 

Also yeah, I love forgetting that I've preordered a game and then it turns up at my door a day, sometimes even a few days, before release... feelsgoodman.