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John2290 said:
As someone who is Irish it shouldn't matter either way. This is the same nonsense as hollywood 'whitewashing' or black men not being able to play asain men or vice versa like in death note.

None of it matters if the work of art is good at the end of the day. For example, full metal alchemists live action reimaging was ruined because of this line of thought by taking obviously european characters from the anime and making them Japanese to off set any backlash.

Let the people who creat the work have the freedom they need and if you don't like the end result for such a petty reason, don't buy it or don't play it. They don't owe you anything nor should they have to worry about appeasing every little detail when on a budget.

I'm pretty sure that was because it was a Japanese film rather than because of "backlash" or whatever. I mean, how many Europeans do you know of in the Japanese film industry that speak fluent Japanese?