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For some of you that might have follow Kirby's official twitter this last week we got the last teaser for a new Dream Friend for the 2nd update of Kirby Star Allies.

Few hours earlier we finally got our prayers heard with much anticipation :

The second coming of our Christ !!

Adeleine is finally back in a mainline Kirby game after 18 years of absence ! But she's not alone ... Ribbon, the little fairy, is also there to help her fly around :O (And probably some other stuff)

After the announcement we also finally got the release date of this 2nd DLC wave which is scheduled to be out in July 27th !

What else can we expect ? New music remixes, modification of stages in Guest Star mode while playing different Dream Friends. Glad that HAL gives Kirby fans some of the best fan service we could ever ask for :3

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