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Insect Glaive.
What sold me on it is how long you can stay in the air when you have the red (power) buff active.
You can do about 10 moves (dash + attack) before you need to touch the ground.
Though I usually attack from the ground, the weapon has a lot of fun options.

By the way, developing your kinsect along the path that focuses on speed should be of the highest priority whether you want to go for a poison, blast, sever, etc type. Because speed effects how fast you can send your kinsect out to extract buffs from monsters, and how fast it comes back when you call it.
It can be hard to hit a particular part of a monster's body some times when they move erratically, and having a slow kinsect makes it all the more difficult.

Last edited by Hiku - on 03 July 2018