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Megiddo said:

Also I find it completely hilarious over on the era MC thread how they're all hyping FIFA 18 on Switch appearing at the bottom of the list yet completely miss Winning Eleven on PS4 ranking higher. Nintendo fanboys, please if you're going to circlejerk about one football game's success to the World Cup (everyone bought FIFA 18 on Switch) then at least acknowledge the football game that sold better.

You miss the reason for their enthusiasm.  A soccer/football game on PS4 is expected to sell well.  Not so much on a Nintendo console.  It's not about ignoring great sales for Winning Eleven on PS4 but acknowledging FIFA on 18 on Switch beating expectations. Please don't mischaracterize a group when you are unaware of their purpose.

Train wreck said:
Someone help me out here. People (most notably the Nintendo fans here who flock to the Japanese numbers every Wednesday) still believe that a game that came out in January, on a 4 year old console, is still expected to increase the baseline (which it already did, up 200k over last year) during the slowest months of the year and somehow its a bad thing when its not. I don't get it.

I'll help you out.  1 person, not "Nintendo fans", asked about it. I hope you get it now.

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