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I'm getting redirected to a virus page very, really very often while browing VGChartz lately.

No matter if it is on the front page or the forums topics, suddently the site will just prompt me to another page that tries to infect my phone.

I took two screenshots, of the fake warning I get and the site I get redirected to. The two come together.

Notice that I first took the picture of the fake warning that is over the site when I'm redirected and closed it all, then after some 3 minutes of it I decided to come back to the site again to also take a picture of the redirect site under the fake warning sign itself, and didn't have to wait more than 2 minutes browsing the site for it to happen again so I could take this second screenshot, as you can notice on the images clocks, they are two separated times I came to this site, to show how often it's happening to me, I just can't use the site most of the time nowdays.

It's all in portuguese but you don't need to read it to get it, it's saying my phone is infected so I should click on that button to fix it... yeah, lol, gotta become true if you do xD

Anyway, hope it can be fixed soon so I can actually use the site again...


EDIT: New kind added, not being able to use it at all today.

Now I can win some expensive phones together with the virus!

Last edited by BraLoD - on 26 June 2018