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Jaicee said:
SpokenTruth said:

On a human level, I like the concept.  But the story is wrapped around Harding and I can't separate the person from the message.  Had she done something for Kerrigan to show her contrition, I'd be all over it. 

I don't know what more was necessary on that front. The world has spent nearly a quarter-century fixated solely on Nancy Kerrigan, her story and her plight vis-a-vis all this. The media has done nothing but promote sympathy exclusively for her for that entire period of time every single time this story has been retold. I think the filmmakers made the right move in conversely focusing on Tonya's backstory, and in a way that doesn't just one-sidedly demonize her for a change.

I think a lot of people who are from poorer backgrounds would like to be represented more fairly in our media.

I'm from that poorer background myself but I don't want representation of such for the sake of it in spite of the actions and lack of follow through by the...protagonist...antagonist?  I'm not even sure how to properly label her character role. Besides, there are far greater choices for representation of the poor.  In fact, far too much of the poor's media representation is held by those of less than reputable character. 

And yes the media certainly gave Kerrigan all the positive attention and Harding all the negative attention.  But I can't use that as atonement by proxy.  Again, had Harding shown any contrition for conspiring to end a fellow skater's career, we'd be having a very different conversation.  Further, I think it would have made a far more compelling story had she made amends.  Instead, it appears her only regret was getting caught. She's never apologized to Kerrigan.

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