LethalP said:
No, they shouldn't. They like being independent and are doing well. In the case of Ninja Theory for example, they were struggling and MS said that they would fund and publish their games under them so it made more sense. Insomniac may make more games for Sony than they do anyone else, but it's the fact that they have the freedom to do whatever else that drives them to keep being independent.

Sony, MS and Nintendo should really only build their own talent from now on. It only takes that one person with vision and talent, give them a studio and top tier artists, programmers and you've got something special. Look at Sony Santa Monica, David Jaffe and Cory Barlog had the vision for that studios games. All they needed from there was a good team.

Eh, talent can also be built through acquisition. I'm not saying that in regards to Insomniac, but overall. I agree that building your own studios is very effective, but through the proper training and care for the work, acquisitions can be as well (as Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch, among others, have all proven).


Qwark said: 
Insomniac does not want to be bought and especially not by Sony. Because they surely have tried in the past.

I looked this up. I couldn't find anything that makes Sony of any particular disinterest of Insomniac for acquisition. All I could find was this and even then, nothing in particular about Sony (outside of having a great relationship, but wanting to own their own properties at the time [2012]). 

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