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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
CGI-Quality said:

Kojima is pretentious? Tell me how. The David Lynch reference does nothing for me.

...This doesn't even need an explanation. If you can't see it you just can't. 

My point is that I definitely think this marketing scheme is annoying .. but not because the game is bad or because Kojima is bad. It will probably be a great game. It's just because the smoke and mirrors is annoying, we get it already, move on to the content. 

If it isn't something you can explain, I don't see why you'd say it at all then. I could work with, "well, he acts like he's something or someone he isn't". But you just give me, "well, if you can't see it, you just can't see it".... Okay. :p

In all seriousness, my interpretation of what he's doing is that he wants people to look deeper into it than what was displayed on a screen. That works for me, because I'm a storyteller/writer. Deeper meanings are right up my alley. Plus, this is Kojima. It's what he does. Some like it, others don't. And that's okay. But, it's his style, and if he wasn't successful at it, he'd hardly have as big a following as he does.

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 15 June 2018