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curl-6 said:
cycycychris said:

GTA5 is probably being done by the same team that did LA Noire port, Virtuos Games. At least to me, that make the most sense for Rockstar to continue working with the same team.

Virtuos are pretty busy at the moment, they're doing the Switch versions of both Dark Souls Remastered and Starlink. You're right though, I would also expect that if/when GTA 5 gets ported to Switch (and come on, it really should, there is no good reason at all not to bring it over) Virtuos are the logical choice.

Virtuos is a big company from what I remember and looking at wiki they have 1,500 employees, so there is still plenty to go around if Rockstar wanted them. I doubt DS has a big team either, the game literally looked like a direct port. GTA5 will come imo, its just a when type of question.


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