Wyrdness said:
Mar1217 said:
I think this has more to do with the lore of KH3 than anything else. They've been dropping few bombs there and there ^^^

And like always, social media are not the best way to judge potential sales for any games.

AC Odyssey will sell well, so will KH3 but since it's JRPG that's a bit nicher than FF, I would be expecting something under FFXV

Tbh the game appeared at 3 separate showings with 3 different trailers so that was bound to have an impact I'm just shock at BGE2's performance this is a game wanted for so long and like the original it's flying under the radar again I hope we don't have a repeat where it's a great game that hardly takes off.

It has at least 2-3 years to make amend then and convince people of it's worthiness. But I think it has to do with lack of coverage by mass appeal media too. 

Most of the games there is pretty much what I would expect, exc. to AssCreed Odyssey though ...

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