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MasterThief said:

Am hopeful that later in the year we get new announcements of stuff like the Medievil remake or other smaller projects. possibly whatever studio Japan is making. I do hope its not just the VR game and Rescue bot. team siren must be working on something and the ueda game

Its safe to assume we will be at PGW instead of gamescom again because Sony said they don't like gamescom as its too close to E3. and for PSX well they certainly got a lot of flak for it last year because it wasn't as fun as previous ones.

with not much new announced this E3 even small titles. I'd assume they left that for later on.

Naughty Dog has 400 employees. and some of the TLOU development is done by the visual arts team outside the studio. so they for sure have the capacity to work on two games just like previous times. its fair to assume that the uncharted 5 game is gonna be made by that new team in san diego in collaboration with naughty dog

I paraphrase from the listing they basically said they need people to work on an unannounced triple A very popular title  in association with an another studio. how many Triple A very popular titles currently are. Horizon, Gow, uncharted and TLOU. 3 of these are being developed by known studios. the 4th is definitely uncharted

that leaves space for a new game at ND. could be a new jak game. but I doubt it.

PGW is closer to PSX than GC is to E3. If we are getting PGW again this year then you can bet PSX is not going to be anything spectacular.

There are definitely smaller titles still coming to PS4. MediEvil being unveiled at GC/ PGW makes sense. But I wouldnt be surprised if is kept for PSX depending on other announcements. ND may have the capacity for 2 teams but they wont. At best you will see an offshoot group make lie a Lost Legacy.

Its just as likely that the new team works with the existing San Diego studio.


Anyhow, Sony still has the initiative in China so I think its at lest possible you see them try promote that stuff outside of China. But it depends if they will publish these games for an international market. Maybe PSX is where they are shown.