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I know we all  love to have crazy reactions and things during this time. It's fun and everybody's hearts are pumping from the announcements. However, what I see in growth during this time are reaction threads or topics that could easily join an existing thread. So, I'm imposing a No Reaction Thread Rule. Nothing will be added to the Official Forum Rules at this time, but this is something that will be taken very seriously by The Mod Team. 

Examples of Reaction Topics (specific to E3) are...


  • "Even though we got leaks, [insert game here] was missing" 
  • "What a poor show"/What a great show"
  • "Where was the PS5"?


And those are just a few of the examples. I'm trying to prevent a bunch of clutter everywhere. Also, I'm okay with Conference Ranking Threads, but they have to be concise and constructive, ex. "Rank Xbox's Conference", not "Why I disliked Nintendo's Show". All threads that violate this particular rule will be locked, again, as a means to keep the site from locking up and/or keeping clutter at bay. Moderations are unlikely, as I'm not expecting too much trouble and this is more about precautions rather than discipline. Most of you guys are good about stuff like this, anyway! Plus, if you'd just like to ask me about an idea for a topic, bring it up in here and I'll be happy to review your plans.

Enjoy the rest of E3 and let's keep the fun rollin'! Thanks everyone! :)

Last edited by CGI-Quality - on 11 June 2018