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LethalP said:
Bandorr said:

Nier released on steam day one. Far far from being a PS4 exclusive.

You are also ignoring Tales of Berseria, Uncharted, Gravity 2, Hatsune Miku, Digimon, Nioh, YS origin, Danganronpa, Senran, kingdom heart 1.5,2.5, Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Well you get the point. But yes I'm sure you are going to ignore each and everyone of those because "Nier is better".

Who knew a game releasing what 16 months later (that was never exclusive) could make someone so.. desperate.

Most of them are on PC as well so what's your point? I'm a PS4 only owner anyway, so it's water off a ducks back.

Point is, Nier was easily one of the reasons to get a PS4 over Xbox, now it isn't. If this had been Danganronpa or some of that other shit I haven't heard of that you listed, no one would care.

My point is At this rate PS4's entire 2017 lineup will end up on Xbox One lol.

IE there are many, many, many, many games in 2017 alone that aren't coming to Xbox one.

No one said exclusive, no one said PC. You said they would all come to Xbox one. Which is so many various forms of wrong. You are the one that confused Nier for a PS4 exclusive.

Nier the original was on Xbox 360. Platinum makes many multi-plat games. And once Scalebound mega-bombed it was obvious Microsoft would want something to replace it.

You are taking the most obvious game port possible and extending it to "xbox one will have all PS4 games". Which you expand to "except the ones I don't care about".

Last edited by Bandorr - on 10 June 2018

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