Kai_Mao said:
shikamaru317 said:

It is indeed strange reasoning. Out of all the main fighting series, I'd say that DoA was already the most beginner friendly. Oh well, doesn't seem like a bad change, skilled players will still be able to easily punish the mashers with counters. 

I thought that was for Smash Bros. :P

You do have a point, though. The fighting mechanics in DOA are not as complicated as say Tekken or Virtua Fighter and are considerably more accessible.

im excited for the game, even though I will kinda miss the over-the-top outfits the ladies usually wear (though DLC might be a thing). It’s a bit ironic, however, people go over the moon with women wearing bikinis or skimpy ninja outfits when the men have it made at times as well. I just hope the DLC isn’t as bad as 5, which was basically sucking the life out of your wallet if you want to see girls show even more skin. Yes it’s optional, but it’s kinda unsettling.

To me, Smash has never really felt like a fighting series. It is technically, but it is so different from the others that it doesn't feel like one to me.