melbye said:
I am actually surprised that there will be a new AC so soon after Origins. I don't think it will release in 2018 though but rather February or March, pitting it against RDR would be really dumb

The first AC Odyssey leaker a few weeks ago said they were aiming for Q1-Q2 2019, because they wanted to focus solely on marketing Splinter Cell Holiday 2019. The 2nd AC Odyssey leaker said it will release this fiscal year, so before April. Dunno if it will release Holiday 2018 or Q1 2019 now, Holiday 2018 is empty for them right now since Skull & Bones got delayed, and I can't see Ubisoft going a Holiday with no AAA releases, so I'm betting it'll release this Holiday.

The good news is, we don't have to worry about quality slipping because of the return to yearly, they have 3 main AC teams assisted by multiple smaller teams at other studios. Because Origins got delayed by a year, the games the other 2 AC teams were working on got delayed by a year as well. Which means that Odyssey, which is most likely being developed by the AC Revelations/Unity team, has been in development since AC Unity was finished in late 2014. Which means, with a Holiday 2018 release, Odyssey will have the same 4 years of development that Origins had.

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