DonFerrari said:
SpokenTruth said:

So lets play a video game about when millions of people died and let their families see how you disrespect their memory by using it for escapism.

As for alternative histories, that's fine.  That said, the history in video games is not 100% accurate anyway.  Who is your character again? 

Yes, I have and it refers to maintaining story continuity within a work and/or between iterations of a work. 

Or did you meant to say historically accurate?


To all:  We trade a lot of accuracy for engagement in video games.  Complaining about unrealistic diversity in a setting while simultaneously accepting regenerative health, carrying 10 guns at once, infinite stamina, etc....

Not accuracy. Coherence.

Inside the story what was the technology that would allow a prostetic woman to fight in the war? Or were did a Katana wielding soldier came to on a shooting conflict?

Where did the regenerative health technology come from?  Where did the infinite stamina come from?  Where did the incredible mobile multi-weapon storage system come from?  What soldiers were trained to use a dozen different types of guns from handguns, to snipers rifles, to submachine guns, to assault rifles, to automatics, to shotguns, to stationary mounted weapons, plus RPGs, flamethrowers, explosives etc...?

We've become so conditioned to ignore those, and many other, blatant disregards for reality. And yet...we're complaining about a katana?

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