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All the dragoon transformations on LoD.
"Wake up, dragoon of the Red-Eyed Dragon" I would cry so much.
All the dragoon magic and summons.
Dart taking a beating from Feyrbrand and dodging falling trees while running.
All the dragon scenes and fights.
All the cutscenes.
So many scenes, like the whole group spying on Dart and Shana after he comes back from the ship crash, Rose and Dart moment right after said ship craft, Dart vs Lloyd both on the world tournament and the life or death battle, the dragon buster sword, loads of bosses and enemies, Shana tackling Dart over the talk with the midwife, the meeting with Lavitz mother, Dart giving Shana a ride in the swamp, Dart cutting the tree with an axe and them thinking he is Kratos and trying to hold it from falling the cliff with Lavitz, Lavitz running that horse a last second escape, those two Lavitz scenes, and so many others.
Basically, just remake it dot to dot in current top tier tech, pretty please.