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Now some you may know, and some may not, but last month I randomly came across a giveaway by 2GG, and well, 3 days later, this happened:

I didn't think it was, you know, possible to win these, but it happened, so there you go. As an international winner I got a $300 gift card, which I then used to get the Switch (though I still had to pay $22 for taxes, obscene!) and ship to someone I know who lives in LA. This person was gonna come to Brazil this week and we'd finally meet on Thursday.

It's been a few weeks, but everything happened as expected, so, here we are!

Of course, it's been a few hours since I've had it now, but I wanted to wait to take the picture until I had a game installed. As you can see, that's not going too well I've no idea what Nintendo did to this thing's online, but holy cheetos is it atrocious. It's a good thing the picture ended up blurry enough that it isn't readable, though it is quite obvious to tell it's quite a... significant number. I'm not sure what exactly is happening, but everytime I connect to the internet the download starts out "fast" (that is, normal speed) and gets progressively slower and slower, to the point where you get what's on the image above. If I disconnect and reconnect again, the cycle repeats. Anyways, I got quite fucking frustrated over it as I wanted to debut it with Splatoon 2 tonight, but it's been a while and I'm fine with the idea of only playing tomorrow now.

So, that's it, really, I just wanted to share this with you guys. I'm quite late to the Switch party but man is it good to have finally gotten to it!


Edit: by the way, I think I really shouldn't mind this download dilemma, because it's almost a tradition now, since the last console I got (the Wii U four and a half years ago) also provided me with some really intense drama to get my first game. That said, that drama was a 3-day long saga, throughout which I wasn't ever sure I'd even be able to get the game, so, I guess this is much better!

Last edited by mZuzek - on 25 May 2018