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Hm. Same issue here as your last thread, not specific enough. There are three kinds of remakes here:

- Proper remake: a recreation of an older game from the ground-up, with similar gameplay and story and level design, but modernized. Eg: Samus Returns, Pokémon remakes, etc.

- Remaster: self-explanatory. Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, etc.

- New game with the same story: you know when people call Star Fox 64 a remake of the original Star Fox or Star Fox Zero a remake of 64? These are all different games of course, but because they are based around the same story, they're considered remakes by some. So, they could be considered here as well.

Personally, I'm gonna go with the first category, from which I'd say the best remake is probably Samus Returns. But, I might be forgetting a few great ones.