Whether you like Tim pool or not and have 20 minutes to spare (Hell, hit the 1.5x or 2x speed boost if you are short on time) because this breakdown is very informative and worth your time. Gotta give props to Pool for his unbiased stance in news reporting and one of the phew journalists who still believe in and participate in classic journalism. The way it was meant to be, news with as little opinion or bias as humanly possible.

I really wish their was a news source out there we could rely on that has no ties or bias. People often tell me reuters however they still report to investors. Even Philly D and Yotube personalities are now at the whim of Youtubes restrictions to stay afloat. Wikipedia is forever becoming less filtered despite their campaigns for funding. 

I feel we are loosing here, even in the age of the most free information in history. Nothing but misinformation and bias.