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LuccaCardoso1 said:
Ka-pi96 said:

Yet it was EA, the same company that publish FIFA, which added lootboxes to Battlefront 2. I think their own success with them would have had more impact in that decision than Overwatch, so yeah it's not fair to just blame that.

They kept paid loot boxes only for their sports games (and mobile games) before Overwatch. It was last year that they started putting loot boxes on everything they saw.

Disclaimer: That doesn't make EA any less shitty and I still hate them.

Ka-pi96 said:

Also, the FIFA demographic has a pretty big overlap with the COD demographic (outside the US at least, but I assume their Madden game is packed with loot boxes due to EA as well so they're no different) and considering this thread is probably in response to the latest COD game, saying FIFA doesn't count due to different demographics isn't really fair.

Madden + FIFA still don't sell nearly as much as CoD in the US. And even then, paid loot boxes aren't exclusive to CoD.

Ka-pi96 said: 

Why can't shooters be multiplayer only experiences too though? Why can't there be a market for shooters focused solely on the multiplayer aspect. There's singleplayer only shooters such as Bioshock which sell for $60 so why not multiplayer ones too. As for others that have done the same, isn't Counter Strike a hugely successful mp only shooter? I've no idea if that was $60 at release since that was a LONG time ago now, but it's not F2P either.

We CAN have multiplayer-only FPS games, we just can't have them at full price! In my opinion, a single-player only FPS can be $60, but a multiplayer-only FPS can't (I guess we'll have to agree on disagree on that point).

CS:GO was always 15 dollars. I don't expect AAA multiplayer-only games to be that cheap, but I think $40 max should be a reasonable price.

False, again. Mass Effect 3 was neither a sports nor mobile game, it released 4 years before Overwatch, and it had loot boxes.

Doesn't mean you can just ignore the fact that lootboxes long predate Overwatch by claiming certain games "don't count".

You're entitled to your opinion on the price of mp only games. But by ignoring all the people who think they are worth $60 and claiming it's "anti-consumer" you're effectively taking a "I don't like it so nobody is allowed to like it" stance. You're just not part of their target consumer group.