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Burning Typhoon said:
LuccaCardoso1 said:

People bought Overwatch because it's a great game, no doubt. But publishers looked at its success and thought "Hey, I guess consumers don't care if we do these anti-consumer things then!". Do you understand what I'm saying now or do I have to spell it out for you?

H1Z1 and Jetpack Joyride (are you really mentioning a mobile game?) are not $60.

As I mentioned, Overwatch has many great things about it. They don't excuse it having loot boxes and no campaign though.

It does excuse it.  If these other companies are looking solely at the lootboxes, they're missing the point.  Those same companies are not giving away free content, and regular updates with their game.  If it weren't for those optional paid lootboxes, that gives no competitive advantage in the game, there would be less content for the game overall, fewer updates.  Do you remember a time when every MMO required a paid subscription, which overwatch also doesn't do?  That's half the reason my consoles don't get touched anymore.

As for the games I mentioned. Overwatch was not 60 dollars.  I've never paid 60 bucks for the game, and I pre-ordered on blizzard's official site.

You mean the time when MMOs were actually good? I miss those days