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Aeolus451 said:
Hiku said:

And place a minfield on the schoolyard and give each student a map to memorize. That will limit the number of potential shooters to students who go to the same school.

As for "we already have common sense gunlaws" you have the most insane and lax gunlaws of any first world country.
There is no common sense in restricting background checks when 97% of the population wants universal background checks.
There is no common sense that you require no safety training to own a firearm when 495 people died in the US in 2016 from just accidentally discharging a firearm.

495 people! To put into perspective, it would take about 55 years for Japan to have as many gun related deaths in total (including suicide, homicide, police shootings and accidents) if Japan had the same population as USA. (They have about 30% of the US population.)
And just for the record, USA had 33,599 gun related deaths in total that year. (Although most were suicides. But the homicide rate is still astronomical.)

And there is no common sense in gun laws that produce more guns in circulation than there are people in the country. The black market definitely contributes to that, but so do your gun laws and gun culture mentality.

Your gun laws are not even close to common sense. Everyone who owns a firearm should have to go through mandatory safety training, just like you do for operating a vehicle. And there should be universal background checks on gun purchases, so that people with a history of violence or severe mental illness don't get their hands on guns.
Your laws even let the Orlando club shooter buy assault rifles, while he was put on a no-fly list for suspicion of terrorist group affiliations on two separate occasions.
That's grounds for preventing him from flying, but not buying guns?

Yeah, common sense my ass.

We have background checks and people with diagnosed mental illnesses or flagged can't legally buy a gun.

You're bringing in accidental shootings and suicides into this? To fluff it up of course. Let's put this in perspective.

Per year, guns in the US saves more lives in self defense from all crime than from any death by a gun in the US.

You don't have universal background checks, and so every relevant person who is a potential risk doesn't end up in the registry.

Bringing in accidents surprises you? When negligence is so lethal that it leads to that many deaths in a year, I'd like to think it's very relevant to bring it up the issue of gun safety. But feel free to tell me why it's not?

As for your claim and that link, aside from the fact that it doesn't cite any source, and the links links that supposedly go to a source don't appear clickable any more, of course gun violence runs a high risk of increasing in gun-free zones such as schools when gun accessibility everywhere surrounding it is still normal. That's cherry picking statistics. That's why gun lobbyists point to these half-hearted attempts and go "see"?
Though this claim appears to be bogus cherry picking, according to research conducted by actual legitimate sources, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) and the The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).

Anyway, you accused the person you replied to of borderline-strawmanning. Now you didn't contest anything I said about how your gun laws don't make sense, and instead changed the subject.
Let's stick to that instead. How does mandatory safety training not make sense for example?
And should 13 year olds be able to legally purchase a rifle?

Apparently if it's a private sale it's legal by federal law.

Last edited by Hiku - on 18 May 2018